PinIt 2.1 now available

PinIt 2.1 is now available for download. This version includes some exciting new features and updates, which are detailed below.

Expanded pinboards

Instead of a single screen with 24 rows, you can now expand your pinboards vertically to include use as much space as you want. So much room for activities! (and visualizations)

Want to add more room? Simply click on the Expand button when in edit mode to get more space.

24 columns

To give you more flexibility in creating your pinboards, we’ve increased the number of columns from 12 to 24. This makes it possible to create more precise layouts.

Favorite charts and sheets

Besides adding complete apps to your favorites, you can now also add individual sheets and even charts as favorites.

This makes it much easier to instantly navigate to the sheets and charts that are especially relevant to you.

Minor UI improvements

We’ve made two minor UI improvements:

  • Pinboards are now listed in the menu on the left, along with shared pinboards, favorites and streams and apps.
  • The name of the active pinboard, chart, sheet, etc. is now shown at the top of the screen.

Download PinIt 2.1

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a download link for PinIt 2.1, as well as a free subscription for up to 5 users.

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